Finding a house to rent in Vietnam — How easy it is!

Depending on why you’re moving, finding a new house can be exciting and daunting. Hopefully, these tips will help make your process easier in Vietnam.

1. Set your budget for finding a house to rent

If you are looking for a bigger place or moving to a completely new city, you might have to browse listings to get an idea about what is a reasonable price for a house to rent.

Setting your budget to get you some guides for suitable areas for renting a house. You can also check some online platforms offering property rental services such as lodyhelp,, luxstay, agoda, and so on. Check the price and the amenities of each house and choose the house you can afford.

2. Calculate or estimate the square footage

Unless you want to do some serious downsizing, this can help you determine which places are worth looking at. For example, in July we went to look at a lovely 3-bedroom apartment. It was tiny; looking around, I knew there was no way we’d fit our furniture into any of the bedrooms (much less have all of the girls in the same room, as we do now). Later, we looked at the size of the apartment and then used that as a benchmark to rule out what wouldn’t work for us.

Therefore, calculate or estimate the square of the house you want to find for a comfortable living space before renting. Renting a house with an ideal living space in size will save your money as well. So it’s important to check the square of the house before lease it.

3. Look at the keywords for finding a house to rent

It can be easy, after you’ve looked at a dozen house listings, to start skimming the descriptions. Keywords are important. However, rent a house that meant looking for terms like “kid-friendly” or “family-friendly” and avoiding any landlords who wanted “quiet, mature tenants” or “young professionals.”

Moreover, look at the keywords to check which amenities you want to have in a house to rent. If you need a house having a balcony, a garden, a terrace or some other services, focusing on these things to find a house easily.

4. Negotiate with the landlord for more discounts

Negotiating with the landlord is one necessary thing to ask for more discounts or some other services you need. Checking the ceiling and floor price in the property marker before and negotiate with the landlord for a reasonable price to rent.

Furthermore, if you have any demand for some amenities in the house, you also can tell to the landlord about that before signing the contract.

5. Checking the services surrounding a house to rent

We are sure that you do not want to rent a house at a cheap price but it’s far away from the market, school, hospital or other services. Make sure that the house you rent near or easy to get the other services easily. This will save your time and money for shopping or if you have kids, you can save your time to pick your kids up to school.

You can easily get to a coffee shop with your friends at the weekend or shopping on local market.

So please check it carefully to save your time and have a convenient living space!

6. Get help from the reputable real estate broker for finding a house to rent

You are so busy at work and do not have much time for finding a house to rent? Looking for a real estate broker to do it for you. Make sure that you find trustable one to avoid scamming.

Listing the requirement of your house and the broker will look for a good house as well as suitable for your budget. However, you will pay an extra fee for the real estate broker.

Most of all, keep trying. It can be really discouraging to look at house after house that is unsuitable in one way or another, but the right one is out there somewhere.

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